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HAT72 ATS Controller

HAT72 is an Automatic Transfer Switch Control Module. The module features 8-Bit microprocessor control. The module is used to monitor two single-phase AC supply. Once mains AC supply failure is detected (under voltage, over voltage, under frequency, over frequency), The module will control generator to start. If generator AC can load, The module Automatically transfer the switch to generator AC supply,


◇Micro-processor based design;
◇Meter two single-phase AC Voltages;
◇Set AUTO or MANUAL via PUSHBOTTON mounted on the front panel;

◇Two isolable N designed;
◇7 LEDs display the status;
◇Operational timers can be altered by PC;
◇Control generator to Start;


DC supply: 9 to 35V(1.5VA)
single-phase AC input: AC30~300V(+20%) 50/60Hz
Relay output:

Relay of close mains & close gens: 16A 250VAC

Relay of start generator: 10A 250VAC

Delay timers:

Mains Normal delay time: 0~3600s

Mains Abnormal delay time: 0~3600s

Gens Normal delay time: 0~3600s

Start generator time:0~3600s(after Mains is abnormal)

Stop generator time:0~3600s(after Mains is normal)

Close time:0~20.0s

Over close time: 0~5.0s

Between close time: 0~3600s

Critical value

Mains under voltage:0~360V

Mains over voltage:0~360V

Gens under voltage:0~360V

Gens over voltage:0~360V

Gens under frequency: 0~60.0Hz

Gens over frequency:40.0~75.0Hz

Accessorial input

state can be altered by PC

Operating Temperature Range:

-20 to +70°C

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