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HAT600 ATS Controller


HAT600 dual power switch controller with a programmable functions, automatic measurement, LCD display, digital communications, as one of the intelligent dual-supply switching module. It combines digital, intelligent, networking, measurement and control process automation, misoperation, reduce the power switch is the ideal product.

HAT600 dual power switch controller by microprocessor as core, can accurately detect extended-spectrum road phase voltage of the abnormal voltage (pressure, voltage, frequency, phase and frequency accurately) owed and output passive control switch. This device has full consideration in various ATS (automatic conversion system load, the application of) can be directly used for special ATS switch, contact the ATS, composed air switch etc. Composed of ATS Its compact structure, advanced circuits, wiring is simple, high reliability, it is widely used in electric power, telecommunications, petroleum, coal, metallurgy, railways, municipal, intelligent building etc, department of electrical devices, automatic control and testing system.


Power supply for 1 # mains voltage # 2 mains voltage,# 1 mains voltage # 2 Gens Volt, # 1 Gens Volt# 2 mains voltage,1# Gens Volt # 2 mains voltage.

◆The LCD backlit,128x64,for the two languages (simplified Chinese, English) display, light touch button operation.

◆Acquisition and shows two road phase voltage and frequency


Line voltageUabUbcUca

Phase voltageUaUbUc



Line voltageUabUbcUca

Phase voltageUaUbUc


◆Has the advantages of over voltage, under voltage, miss phase, anti-phase sequence, over frequency, owe frequency function.

◆With the auto/hand-switch state-transition in manual mode, enforceable switches close break-brake.

◆All the parameters field programmable, adopt two-stage password,non-professionals are to prevent incorrect operation.

◆Field can be set to bring load/without load mode of operation commissioning generating.

◆Has the power switch reclose and buckles function again.

◆Output can be set off for pulse or continuous output.

◆Applicable to two segments, and without a switch section 3.

◆Two N line separating design.

◆DC power supply, very wide range, or supreme 80V dc input by HTS220 / HWS560 power module power supply.

◆AC input terminals spacing, the highest bearable 625V input voltage.

◆Industrial standard RS485 communication interface to fulfill the “remote controlling, remote measuring, remote communication” function by the ModBus communication protocol.

◆Can inquire the current controller (including input, over-voltage, under-voltage etc. internal switch quantity).

◆Function including schedule exerciser at singly, weekly, monthly.

◆Module structure design, ABS plastic crust, embedded installation, plug connector, convenient maintenance.

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